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Thanks to our daily dose of Colloidal Silver (which I talked about earlier, look up Barb and I are able to enjoy the true flavors of Mexico. We like going into the little villages where most tourists would not dare to go, let alone eat the local offerings. It is in these remote spots that we find True Mexico. The aromas and flavors available, emitting from these Timeless Kitchens, have evolved little over the ages, precious.

This Ban lancing act of concrete and ceramic tile, covers the side entrance of our favorite park. Frank L. Wright, the master of cantilevered concrete, would have been proud of this tribute to his work,

Barb and I love these cobblestone streets and when given the opportunity, we walk on them, and feel that is a form of foot and ankle workout. Repair work, for various reasons, is an on going project and the method is the same used for centuries.

So the guy went from working from the ground, fine, then to a table, OK, then to a chair on the table, I don't know, so what is next, a stool on the chair on the table on the ground? I don't think sooo. The next day he had finished and the mess cleaned up.

Tickets for the Dylan Show is $150 front row and $30 back row. Guadalajara is a city of 12 Million people. I would not go there to see the second coming of Elvis. I will settle for Margaritas at the waterfront and I-Tunes

To get a zoom shot I use my little tripod and set the timer for the shot, as to not blur the photo. I set the timer and just as the shot went off this Squadron of Pelicans flew past. Good timing or what.

Not sure if playing the trombone makes the fish bite better or not, But every morning as we do our sunrise walk, there he is and the music and sunrise and exercise, is a wonderful way to start a day.

The woman weaving these colorful wall hangings for $20 are here every day

These joyful groups of graduates were posing for photos and I just could not resist

This is the back bar of our favorite watering hole. Tequila Galore. Even if you don't drink this still makes a colorful shot

These low-fired ceramic containers are in every market and kitchen. Not sure what they cook in them. I just like the earthen tones and the lighting of this shot.

These weavers sit in this position for hours at a time. I could not sit like this for 20 minuets. When ever I see one of their weavings I think of the pain and hours of labor for just a few pesos.

I watched helplessly as this little boy took a bad spill. He was rubbing his head and expressing pain but as soon as his sister came to his aid the tears turned to smiles for my camera.

This pair of young artist were so engrossed in their work, that I did not bother them with photo permission. Precious

These musicians are a regular in the Park. We love to set and enjoy, a cocktail and view of the sunset, from a near by bench

The pan flute is one of my favorite instruments. Great listening as we sip our cocktails and await the array of sunset colors, as they fill the sky

Extensive work on the waterfront here in town has resulted in a new Sunday afternoon pleasure of setting on the beach

The beauty of youth comes naturally But (next shot)

What is a day at the park with out the colorful balloons for sale or slowly drifting toward the billowing clouds?

As I said in the previous picture, the beauty of youth comes naturally but TRUE Beauty can only be acquired through ageing like in a fine Wine

This parking lot fills up every Sunday, with groups of young people,Drinking beer with stereos blaring. I was readily accepted with offers of beer and photo ops as I moved through the area

Thought that I would save one of my favorite shots to end this Blog secession. What else can I say but I love photos of fisherman.

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Loved the pictures, Mexico looks great, What an experience. We plan a trip to the cabin Easter weekend, Hope to see you guys at Pollywog that weekend. Take care. Happy New yearc